• What is BAM?
  • Who can use BAM?
  • What type of information will you find on BAM? What is the main focus?
  • Why is BAM an essential set of data and tools for non standard assets?
  • What differentiates BAM from trading platforms or other platforms?
  • How is BAM paid?
  • What problem does BAM solve?
  • How does BAM solve those problems?
  • How robust is BAM’s system performance?

BAM is a unique and essential set of tools for handling -risk analyzing and understanding - non standard financial assets and markets in general. A place where professional institutional accredited investors act internally or interact externally: they tap into robust machine learning tools to help their organizations understand and organize their information. BAM is not a broker dealer and does not charge a commission on any consummated transaction.

Risk officers, analysts, and institutional accredited investors, buyers and/or sellers of non standard, illiquid assets, and markets in general.

Mostly scraped information (including asset documents, news articles, internet based data and market latent information). The information is mostly useful for non-commoditized/illiquid financial assets such as performing, distressed or defaulted assets in various forms (bonds, loans or trade claims, structured credit etc).

BAM creates efficiencies in risk management (analysis and workflow management) -- it enables users to get insights, find, compare and digest asset information. No sifting through inefficient email blasts, no wasting time on irrelevant news or documents looking for the needle in the haystack.

There are several factors that differentiate BAM from trading platforms or other fintech platforms.

BAM is not a broker dealer. It has no vested interest in the consummation of a transaction or in it’s price or spread.

BAM is not a naive fintech platform. It uses deep and long financial services expertise to provide market participants with the most actionable fintech information.

BAM is completely independent from any financial group--though financial groups are clients of BAM. As a completely independent service provider BAM takes no sides, favors no assets, recommends no assets.

BAM focuses on providing ANALYSTS, SALES & TRADING, BUYERS and SELLERS the safest platform to efficiently enhance their market understanding of potential opportunities through various search, research, alert and matching modules.

Our users pay annual access fees.

BAM charges no success or hidden fees.

Risk and Investment professionals spend most of their time collecting, analyzing data and developing insights (prior to deciding on best actions). They are overloaded by data, new tools and frequently changing angles. BAM is focused on significantly reducing their data and process overload, enabling them to focus where they can mostly add value.

Producing the best fundamental data models. Creating and leveraging network economies and workflow efficiencies.

BAM’s platform software, algorithms and data base facilitate workflow processes.

BAM is hosted on the highly scalable Amazon Web Services server (and is ready to soon be on multiple servers) ensuring users the most reliable and fastest access globally. The application is based on the Node.js environment and developed with high-efficiency search and query algorithms ensuring lightning-fast server response times.