BAM’s vision is to use state of the art technology to provide its clients a secure environment where their workflow is dramatically improved and their universe of potential counter-parties is vastly expanded.
Transacting in illiquid financial markets is very inefficient. Oftentimes investors are never made aware of assets that could interest them or are hesitant to pursue opportunities for fear of informational leakages. Moreover, investment decisions in these markets are frequently ad hoc, time consuming and made without considering the tremendous benefits that data and networks provide.
We exist in reaction to these core problems, voiced by players in the illiquid and distressed financial instruments markets.


BAM combines human and machine intelligence to tackle the problems inherent in illiquid asset trading.
We do away with the mundane and cumbersome aspects of illiquid asset trading and unleash productivity by enabling users to focus on those elements of their work which truly add value.


BAM's team has several decades of combined experience in financial markets in trading, technology, research and compliance.
Not only do we understand the challenges our users face when dealing in illiquid assets markets, but we also understand and work with state-of-the-art technology to help solve those challenges efficiently.
Also, as core to our culture, we know that arriving at the right answer is more important than being right.

Geraldo Filgueiras
Financial Markets & Tech Strategist
Yu Wu
Tech & Quant Researcher
Peilu Zhang
Data & Quant Researcher
Sheersha Kandwal
Full Stack Developer
Bensu Aydin
Business & Legal Intelligence
Howard Zhang
Software & Web Developer
Matt Linker
Software & Web Developer
Haoxuan Huang
Software & Web Developer