Actionable information
for credit trading
Streamlining the Work of Investors with Pre-Screening Trading & Risk Management Data
Fast growing digital data means alpha opportunities. 95% of major financial institutions believe most valuable data is digital. BAM brings actionable information when you need it.

Context and Investment Signals
Our early and latent indicators provide portfolio managers and sales and trading professionals with edges by detecting hidden insights and current market themes that are likely to be converted into market volatility. Investment pros can choose from a large set of scenarios (including asset classes and market regimes). We gather, read over one million news articles daily, classify internet search statistics, and our signals.

Use our machine learning tools to generate investment leads efficiently and consistently ahead of others in the market.

Sales and Research Flexibility
Our tools, and dashboard enable you to generate sales leads and confidently pursue them. You can choose from a variety of investment horizons, asset types and market regimes. We built API’s so you don’t have to write any code. Simply and easily integrate our signals to your daily communication and research tasks.

Get to know of developments before as they develop and many times before they affect prices. Streamline your workflow by reading sentiment ranked news with short summaries. No more inconsistent, time-consuming pitches. Cut FOMO, 24/7, chasing and reading irrelevant articles.

Alt-data for Pros
Debtor names can be searched based on Tickers, CUSIPs, LEIs and even free text names. Besides the frequent data ingestion (daily and intra day in some cases), we perform PIT checks. We can provide our structured and unstructured data for validation by professionals. Our risk and data management tools enable fixed income investment pros to quickly and confidently spot and share illiquid asset opportunities.

Do not worry about our data stack, focus on monetizing alpha. Deploy the power of augmented-AI. You can train our models with your market and data insights. And, all of this without having to write any code. Built and backtested by Wall Street risk veterans and data pros.

How about filtering objective vs subjective articles? That is, beyond listing articles by the popularity of sources we score its authoritative sources and styles. Think of it as fact-check in steroids (mitigating human biases). Last but not least, we use no personal, PII or insider trading information. Also, we do not outsource any scraping activities to third party service providers. Our sources are public our filters and models are owned by BAM.Money Inc.

Themes & Relative Value
Investment pros can easily check on which themes are driving each debtor and news. They can tap into pairs we highligh or create their own relative value groups. They may also choose to use their proprietary models and be informed when they need.

Choose from our curated time series (covering many different market regimes) or easily train our models with your proprietary data or models. Be alerted when conditions that matter to your strategies change.
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