The best way to get data.
You can check validity of actionable information (historical and current) easily.

Context and Investment Signals
It is about YOUR alpha. Our proprietary indicators identify market opportunities that are imperceptible to the naked eye but we make it easy for your eyes only. Plus you can see our data drivers, i.e., no black boxes nor hallucinations. With our machine learning models, we help you generate investment leads more efficiently by analyzing large sets of data, including over a million daily news articles and internet search statistics. We can help you get ahead of the market and make smarter investment decisions right away.

Sales and Research Customizability
You and your stakeholders come first. Our dashboard and tools make it easy to set you or your client's preferences and generate sales and research leads ahead of market developments. With our API integration, you can automate your workflow and eliminate the need for coding or data entry. Plus, our sentiment-ranked news summaries help you identify the most relevant articles. Spend less time reading and more strategizing on behalf of your stakeholders.

Information for Alt-data Pros
It is not about trust, it is about verification. With our highly curated data filtration, we transcend models and pipelines to produce actionable information. But YOU get to see the inside of it. Our platform makes finding debt simple and easy with a variety of identifiers, including tickers, CUSIPs, LEIs, and free text. We use PIT checks to ensure data accuracy, and we offer structured and unstructured data validation. Our risk and data management tools help fixed income investment professionals identify and share illiquid asset opportunities instantaneously. We filter objective versus subjective articles using unbiased fact-checking. We do not use PII or insider trading information, and we do not outsource scraping. Our sources are public, and our filters and models are owned by BAM.Money Inc. The unique alpha is all yours.

Identifying Themes and Relative Value
Our platform allows investment professionals to easily pinpoint factors affecting debtors, create relative value groups, and get insights about corporates with similar behaviors. YOU can choose to use your own time series or train models with your data and our tools. Stay informed on changing market conditions. Our proprietary machine learning models with your superior human intelligence. Try it (you can even compare it with ChatGPT, Bard, etc!)


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