Before BAM:

Traditionally, a sales and trading professionals do the following:

  • Use their judgment and read a few direct and market-related news everyday hoping not to miss any important news, and
  • Use their systems and constantly search for signals of developments that could affect price movements hoping to be ahead of the market
  • Communicate with their clients and stakeholders

  • BAM provides:

  • Fast and comprehensive news reading and classifications, through relevant news crawling and filtering, ranking and summarizing the critical articles
  • Consistent searches for early and reliable indicators, through looking for hidden signals and highlighting information that could yield to future price volatility
  • Notification and alert systems that are customizable to clients and stakeholders focus

  • With BAM:

    A sales and trading professionals can then be freed from mundane activities to improve coverage and act more confidently:

  • Efficiently track market related news, keep your clients in the loop w/o missing any potent news
  • Rank market news from multiple sources to act more confidently
  • Know what others have been interested in, before that gets into news, to generate alpha and trade leads
  • Notify clients and/or stakeholders easily with a single click on the platform